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Latest News

1-Sept 2020
The Register of Breeders is currently offline. This is due to a server upgrade and requirement for Google Maps API to be updated.
I'll try to do this within a reasonable time frame but the reality is that the entire site needs a major overhaul.

15-Jan 2018
As you can probably guess, this site is very old and is not being maintained. It does still work, but there has been an extended period of downtime (since Dec 2016) due to a software upgrade that was not backward-compatible with the site. In short, we need volunteers to become maintainers. You can make an offer of assistance using the contact form
Thanks for your patience.

20-April 2010
The Register of Breeders has been pruned from some 50+ registrants to a core of 12 that responded to a recent 'anyone out there' email. I have inactivated all the non-respondents. I hope that this improves the chances of success when looking for a hamster.

Work is in progress to improve the way that messages are sent from the web site to the breeders. If the message to the breeder fails, you'll be informed of that. Currently, the email system does not report delivery failures back to the user.

27-October 2007
Thanks to everyone that voted in the online poll to express their view about the future of the BHA.
Sadly, the decision was to dissolve the BHA with effect from 31-October 2007.
The web site will remain for a while as a resource for articles and also the Register of Breeders will continue, although it may ultimately be re-branded.