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Summer Issue July 2002 (No. 42)

Breeding Methods in Syrian Hamsters by Andrew Overton

Hamsters in the News by Pamela Milward

Obituary - June Greaves 1964-2002 Pamela Milward

Spring Issue April 2002 (No. 41)

Dermatitis by Liz Johnson

Winter Issue January 2002 (No. 40)

Hamster Polyoma Virus - separating theb facts from the fiction by Liz Johnson

Autumn Issue October 2001 (No. 39)

A New Mutant? by Anne Dray

The Discovery of the Syrian Hamster (Mesocricetus Auratus) by Chris Henwood

Heat by Anne Dray

Summer Issue July 2001 (No. 38)

New Gray Gene in the Campbells by Linda Price

Lumps - A Response by Joanna Roach

Papovavirus - an update by Anne Dray

Spring Issue April 2001 (No. 37)

Breeding with a New Mutant by the late Roy Robinson

Hamster Hybrids (letter)

Winter Issue January 2001 (No. 36)

Hamster Hybrids by Glynis Giddings

Autumn Issue October 2000 (No. 35)

When is a Campbell not a Campbell? by Melissa Chamberlain

Are Wood Shavings a Safe Bedding Material for Hamsters (Editorial) by Grant Forrest

Peanut Warning by Pamela Milward

Summer Issue July 2000 (No. 34)

Fathering Campbells by Pamela Milward

Dwarf Hamster Confusion by Tina Shahoody

Diet and Feeding by Andrew Overton

Problem of micro animals in Campbells platinum/black-eyed white (BEW) breeding by Bill Greig

Spring Issue April 2000 (No. 33)

Starting Out by Pamela Milward

Winter Issue January 2000 (No. 32)

Hibernation in Syrian Hamsters (Editorial) by Grant Forrest

An Early Hamster Book by Pamela Milward

A Very Different Hamster - The Roborovski by Melissa Chamberlain

Bringing Up The Grandchildren by Sylvia Smith

Autumn Issue October 1999 (No. 31)

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (Editorial) by Grant Forrest

Dealing with Wet Tail by David Baglin

Facts about Wet Tail by Lorraine Hill

Lumps and Bumps by Anne Dray

Summer Issue July 1999 (No. 30)

A Tribute to Percy Parslow by Andrew Overton

Spring Issue April 1999 (No. 29)

Coping with Non-Haemolytic E.Coli, a form of Wet Tail , by David Baglin

Wet Tail , by Pamela Milward

Winter Issue January 1999 (No. 28)

Judging for Colour , by David Baglin

Black Torts and Black Yellows Part 2 , by Grant Forrest

Autumn Issue October 1998 (No. 27)

Opals, or Grey Campbells by Bill Greig

Pearl Winter White Males - Sterile? by Susan Washbrook

An Alphabet of Hamster Facts (E) by Anne Dray

Black Torts and Black-Yellows by Grant Forrest

Importing Hamsters by Pamela Milward

The Opals have Landed! by Lorraine Hill

Summer Issue July 1998 (No. 26)

Hamsters in the Wild , by Pamela Milward

An Alphabet of Hamster Facts (D) by Anne Dray

Wet Tail , by Grant Forrest

Spring Issue April 1998 (No. 25)

Mutant Genes in Dwarf Hamsters , by Lorraine Hill

A Show Secretary's job is not a happy one (sometimes) , by David Baglin

Winter Issue January 1998 (No. 24)

Hamster Rescue Care by Pamela Milward

An Alphabet of Hamster Facts (C) by Anne Dray

Autumn Issue October 1997(No.23)

Conception & Contraception in Dwarf Hamsters by Ray Hughes

An Alphabet of Hamster Facts (B) by Anne Dray

Summer Issue July 1997 (No.22)

An Alphabet of Hamster Facts (A), by Anne Dray.

Pet Shops by Pamela Milward

A detailed account of the laws relating to sale of animals and what to do if you suspect that your local pet shop is breaking them.

Guide to Showing Hamsters by Joanna Roach, from the Heart of England Hamster Club

Winter Issue January 1995 (No.12)

Diabetes in Campbells by Neil Wheadon MRCVS