Register of Hamster Breeders and Rescuers

Are you trying to find a hamster from a reputable breeder?

The purpose of the Register is to put people in touch with local hamster breeders in the UK. Breeders and Rescuers are required to read and accept the terms of the Breeder's Charter.
The system is based on good-will and honesty. The BHA does not inspect premises nor can it give any guarantee of quality of animals obtained through the register.

The map will allow you to send an email to the Breeder/Rescuer with your requirements. To protect the Breeder/Rescuer's privacy, their email address is not shown. In some cases, there is a telephone number.
It is the responsibility of the Breeder to keep their contact details up to date, however, some will inevitably lapse, so please don't be too disappointed if your message is not answered.

Use the map controls to zoom to a marker, click the marker to contact the breeder.
You can click and drag the map to fine-tune the location.