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Hamsters in the News

Author: Pamela Milward

From Issue 42 Jul 2002

Reading the papers recently I have found several articles relating to hamsters and I thought others might not have seen these and so might be interested.

  1. A poll of 1500 employees and workers by a recruitment firm found that an office pet such as a hamster would increase productivity. ( I feel that this sounds unlikely as I am sure that a hamster would be diverting and so decrease productivity)
  2. Research by Doctors who tested 138 children found that those exposed to animals had more stable immune systems than those who had no pets.
  3. You all know that today, dogs can get pet passports to travel in EU countries but did you realise that this will now be extended to include rodents. So you will be able to take your hamster on holiday or to shows.
  4. Headline In a Manchester paper read "£1400 to bury a hamster". This was the cost they worked out at a local pets cemetery and crematorium but did include all the extras such as collection of the body, providing a coffin plus a plaque, headstone etc.A basic cremation would cost £55 for a hamster.

With reference to this I wonder if you have heard of the Cinnamon trust which is a charity for the elderly and their pets. If older people register a pet with them they will guarantee to care for a pet for the rest of its life. If the owner is unable to or dies. Also at one of their centres they have recently planted 530 new native trees and are setting aside a particular area where trees may be donated in memory of pets with details entered in a book kept on the site.