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A New Mutation?

Author: Anne Dray

From Issue 39 Oct 2001

For 2 years now I have been trying to unravel the genetics behind a new colour that appeared just over 2 years ago in a line of Dark Greys that I have had for several years. Because Dark Greys are fairly uncommon I did a lot of line breeding - introducing the odd golden every so often to bring in new blood. Suddenly, in a father to daughter mating, I had 4 babies that appeared to be Albino at first look, but then turned out to be something quite different. Basically this new colour is dark red eyed, dark flesh coloured ears - has a pale ivory top coat - with a darker undercolour and pale fawn flashes and head patch. Crosses to Cinnamon, Guinea Gold, Dark Eared Albino and Golden have simply produced Goldens. Therefore I have deduced that this is a new recessive mutation that dilutes the coat, ear and eye colour to a ghost-like agouti. I have been unable to produce a Dilute that is anything other than marginally paler or darker than the original ones, so either the dilution is so extreme as to have the same effect on the Golden as on the Dark Grey, or it is so closely linked to Dark Grey that it never occurs on its own. If anyone is interested in having any of these Dilutes - get in touch!